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Dear ebXML Participants,

Last week, we alerted you to two excellent opportunities for ebXML
participant recognition--by exhibiting in ebXML Pavilions at XML One in
London and XML DevCon in New York. The ebXML Marketing Awareness Project
Team has identified two additional ways for ebXML participants to get
the recognition they deserve. The DISA conference and XML Europe are
both offering special incentives to ebXML participants.

DISA conference
San Francisco
March 7-9
DISA has two separate offers for ebXML vendors and for associations. For
ebXML vendors, DISA is sharply discounting rates for booth space, to as
low as $2,600 USD for 10' x 10' space. Larger booth spaces are available
at a similar discount. ebXML vendors receive the same full benefits as
all other exhibitors. For information, call Connie Shaw at +1

Industry organizations and consortia supporting ebXML may exhibit in
DISA's E-Community Pavilion, a dedicated area of the exhibit hall for
e-business organizations. The space includes one draped table, two
chairs and carpet, signage and electricity and the cost is $450 USD. For
details, contact Julia O'Brien at +1 703-837-6155.

XML Europe
May 21-25
GCA has set aside an ebXML exhibitor area that can accommodate six pods.
Each ebXML exhibitor receives a pod / computer desk with lockable under
counter storage and a monitor shelf (without monitor), a wall system
with a shelf, a spotlight, signage, carpet and an ISDN timed connection
with an internet account (only possible with ISDN modem). ebXML pod
exhibitors also receive an on-line link from conference website, company
profile in Show Guide, and the ability to utilize Public Relations
services. The total amount per pod is DM 5.275, incl. 16% German VAT.
Contact Julie Desmond, Gcaboston@aol.com, +1 (617) 698-0277 to reserve

There is still exhibit space available for ebXML participants at the
following events:

Mar 19-22
SIGS/101 has reserved 13 ebXML pods for their London exhibition. Each
pod measures approx. 2 meters wide x 1.5 meters deep (storage units and
shelves 0.5m deep) and includes a Customized Header, Custom counter top,
plus monitor shelf, Lockable under counter storage, spot light, power
and an Internet Connection via LAN. The all inclusive cost is 2,900.
Contact Gary Cunningham, Director of Sales for SIGS, at 01483 469080,
07711 889846 Mobile, gcunningham@101com.co.uk to reserve your space.

XML DevCon
New York City
April 9-10
Camelot Communications has reserved space for 10 organizations to
participate in their "ebXML Pavilion." Special ebXML booths  include a
Display Pod, Overhead monitor, signage and power. The all inclusive cost
is $2,000 USD. Internet connectivity is available for $700 USD extra.
Booth space must be confirmed by January 30th in order to participate.
For further details please contact Michael Weiner - mweiner@us.ibm.com.

On behalf of the ebXML Marketing Awareness Project Team, we hope that
you will take advantage of one or more of these opportunities to show
your commitment to ebXML. The demonstration pods should be
Vendor-Specific and represent work-in-progress on implementation of
ebXML specifications. We urge you to act now, as space will be allocated
on a first come - first served basis.

Simon Nicholson, Sun Microsystems
Michael Weiner, IBM

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