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Subject: Preliminary Agenda for 1/20 Conference Call

Please review this preliminary agenda for our planned 1/20 team conference

*	Appointment of recording secretary for this meeting
*	Announcement of Attendees
*	Motion to approve agenda
*	Administrative Items
*	Participation responsibilities of team members
*	Status of permanent web site and list servers
*	Approval of Project Scope, Project Mission, and Project Deliverables
*	Liaisons
*	Liaison Reports
*	ebXML Requirements
*	Core Components
*	Transport, Routing and Packaging
*	Registry and Repository
*	Messaging and Packaging
*	Sales, Education, and Marketing
*	Technical Support
*	Business Process Methodology
*	External Organizations
*	Assignments of individuals to unfulfilled liaison posts
*	Discussion of submitted work items (as posted on the team web site)
*	Individual/Sub-team work assignments
*	New Business
*	Schedule for nest meeting
*	Adjournment

Please review this preliminary agenda and post any comments for changes to
our list address.
I plan to publish the official conference call notice and planned agenda
this Friday, 01/14/2000.
Changes to the agenda that is posted on Friday may be proposed during the
call when the agenda
is moved for approval.

You may expect the agenda for each of our meetings to be similar to the one
above.  Please help
keep the items preceding the discussion of submitted work items brief, as
that is the primary focus
of our meetings.  Liaison Reports should be submitted by Email as the need
to communicate them
arises.  The purpose of the Liaison Reports item on the agenda is to bring
to the floor any items
needing discussion and action at the meeting, not to present information
that can be conveyed
outside the meeting.


  Bob Miller

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