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Subject: RE: Agenda Comments

Melanie's request to discuss Orland faciliites and meeting times will be
handled under 'Schedule for next meeting'
I've added '(Orlando)' to that bullet.  Melanie, is that enough change, or
should I add second level bullets and give
more detail there?

Melanie's request to have team members prepare brief presentations on
external doucments they have knowledge of
falls under the heading 'Individual/Sub-team work assignments'.  I've added
two bullets under that heading.

The revised preliminary agenda is:

*	Appointment of recording secretary for this meeting
*	Announcement of Attendees
*	Motion to approve agenda
*	Administrative Items
*	Participation responsibilities of team members
*	Status of permanent web site and list servers
*	Approval of Project Scope, Project Mission, and Project Deliverables
*	Liaisons
*	Liaison Reports
*	ebXML Requirements
*	Core Components
*	Transport, Routing and Packaging
*	Registry and Repository
*	Messaging and Packaging
*	Sales, Education, and Marketing
*	Technical Support
*	Business Process Methodology
*	External Organizations
*	Assignments of individuals to unfulfilled liaison posts
*	Discussion of submitted work items (as posted on the team web site)
*	Individual/Sub-team work assignments
		- Preparation of brief presentations on documents for
Orlando Meeting
		- Preparation of draft text on Techncial Architecture work
*	New Business
*	Schedule for next meeting (Orlando)
*	Adjournment

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Bob Miller [SMTP:milr@mindspring.com]
> Sent:	Wednesday, January 12, 2000 2:26 PM
> To:	'robert.miller@geis.ge.com'
> Subject:	FW: Agenda Comments
> ----------
> From:  melanie.mccarthy@gm.com [SMTP:melanie.mccarthy@gm.com]
> Sent:  Wednesday, January 12, 2000 7:01 AM
> To:  ebXML-Architecture@lists.oasis-open.org
> Subject:  Agenda Comments
> I was pleased to see the preliminary agenda.   Based on the fact that
> there have been no other concerns expressed about the date, January 20th,
> I hope that we will all be available then.
> With regard to the agenda, I would like to see two  items added.  One,
> that specifically allows time to prepare for  our Orlando meeting - a
> facilities discussion,  anticipated meeting times for Tuesday through
> Thursday, etc.
> Second,  I think that there is a lot of information already published,
> that members of our group are experts on.  Rather than everyone trying to
> interject points from specific 'forums',  possibly we might want to
> dedicate a portion of the meeting to requesting that members bring short
> presentations- overviewing the architecture information that already
> exists.  So during the conference call, we would need to list these
> 'sources' and identify a volunteer responsible to prepare the  information
> for the meeting (examples:  eCo, OAG, etc.).  I would think that these
> should be not more than 20 minute presentations, specifically
> highlighting, (in bullet form), key critical components of an XML/EDI
> architecture.  We then could create a matrix (aligned with the goals &
> deliverables) of what each of these sources offer, and compare it to what
> we believe is necessary.  Possibly, it might be better to launch our work
> from what others have done, rather that recreating this information.
> Another possibly, might be to select the best from each of the sources and
> merge the information.  But I think that by creating this matrix, we could
> gain consciences on what our final document needs to contain, and also
> help us to sub-divide the work so that the final product could be
> generated more quickly.
> regards,
> Melanie

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