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Subject: Agenda Comments

I was pleased to see the preliminary agenda.   Based on the fact that there have
been no other concerns expressed about the date, January 20th,  I hope that we
will all be available then.

With regard to the agenda, I would like to see two  items added.  One,  that
specifically allows time to prepare for  our Orlando meeting - a facilities
discussion,  anticipated meeting times for Tuesday through Thursday, etc.

Second,  I think that there is a lot of information already published, that
members of our group are experts on.  Rather than everyone trying to interject
points from specific 'forums',  possibly we might want to dedicate a portion of
the meeting to requesting that members bring short presentations- overviewing
the architecture information that already exists.  So during the conference
call, we would need to list these 'sources' and identify a volunteer responsible
to prepare the  information for the meeting (examples:  eCo, OAG, etc.).  I
would think that these should be not more than 20 minute presentations,
specifically highlighting, (in bullet form), key critical components of an
XML/EDI architecture.  We then could create a matrix (aligned with the goals &
deliverables) of what each of these sources offer, and compare it to what we
believe is necessary.  Possibly, it might be better to launch our work from what
others have done, rather that recreating this information.  Another possibly,
might be to select the best from each of the sources and merge the information.
But I think that by creating this matrix, we could gain consciences on what our
final document needs to contain, and also help us to sub-divide the work so that
the final product could be generated more quickly.



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