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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: RE: ebXML TechArch Monday Slides

> >Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 22:53:50 -0500
> >From: Nikola Stojanovic <nstojano@cjds.com>
> >Subject: Fw: ebXML TechArch Monday Slides
> >
> >Some comments:
> >
> >Slide 3: Definition of Architectural Scope
> >    Should we try to define how we see relationships between Architecture
> >team
> >    and the other groups or we expect someone else (SC?) to spell it out?
> > [MILR]  I'm sure this will be a topic of discussion in Orlando. 
> >Slide 3: Design Rules
> >    Name seems to be a little bit vague. Is it a mix of the requirements,
> >methodology,
> >    deliverables, ...?
> > [MILR]  The principle audience for the archicture document is the
> technical systems developers
	The principle audience for Design Rules is the techncial systems
user.  Architecture defines the
	'hammer'.  Design Rules tells how to properly use the 'hammer'.   
>  >Slide 3: Working Prototype System
> >    Is there a need for QA function within the ebXML? Who will produce
> Test
> >Cases?
> >    And should ebXML have a Certification Authority in which case the
> Test
> >Suite
> >    might be used?
> > [MILR]  The QA responsibility was discussed at the first meeting, and I
> believe it was
	placed with the Technical Support team.  Assuming that is where the
responsiblity lies,
	that team would be responsible for addressing these questions.  We
can discuss this
	in Orlando. 
> >Nikola

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