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Subject: TA issues - was: [Revised Messaging Services Section for TA spec]

We still need to discuss how to rework the Intro (section 3.0) and System
Overview (section 4.3) sections. This is the most important part of the
document and really needs to clearly articulate the ebXML architecture at
the highest degree of abstraction. I think we need to revisit the
architectural diagram and possibly revise it to better reflect the ebXML

I think that "The View" that we have as figure 1.0 is appropriate and serves
the right purpose. As any high-level abstraction it only conveys some
aspects of the whole system. I would certainly leave it as it is and try to
put some other "System Views" in addition to this one.

10. Discuss whether or not we want to include high-level use case scenarios
in the spec.

I hope we can agree that we need more high-level "Examples of System
Usages". Speaking of which, have we lost one of those? See: <Anders>The
first is an attempt to describe the ebXML vision as simple as
possible</Anders>? and attachment in

If we did (I cannot find it in the current doc), I'd suggest that we put it

Also, to add to the list of issues for our next con call, I suggest that we
follow-up on:

1) Glossary
2) "Architecture Issues list" that we've discussed last time:


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