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Subject: Re: revised TA messaging services (sect 11)

Outstanding. Correct abstraction level.
We are having the tp f2f this week and will nail down those Party, Partner,
TPA, etc, etc, etc, terms specifically, as I know there is still some

Scott Hinkelman, Senior Software Engineer
XML Industry Enablement
IBM e-business Standards Strategy
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Christopher Ferris <chris.ferris@east.sun.com> on 10/08/2000 08:50:31 AM

To:   ebXML-arch List <ebxml-architecture@lists.ebxml.org>, ebxml transport
Subject:  revised TA messaging services (sect 11)


Attached you'll find a revised version of Brian's revision
to section 11 of the TA spec. I'd like to submit this for
consideration/incorporation into the revised TA spec. The
changes are mostly subtle refinements.

I would like to also suggest that figure 11.3 be updated
to reflect the latest draft of the Messaging Services
specification when it is released (shortly I hope;-)

There is one last thing which I think would be useful,
which is a narrative description of how the MS functions
in a sample exchange. If I have time, I'll start working
on this.

Comments welcomed.


    _/_/_/_/ _/    _/ _/    _/ Christopher Ferris - Enterprise Architect
   _/       _/    _/ _/_/  _/  Phone: 781-442-3063 or x23063
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