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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: Karsten's concerns

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To the TA list,

In order to get my comments in before this document goes to QR (which I
understand is to happen by end of today), I list here my high level concerns:

This should be the EBXML ARCHITECTURE document. Other than a brief into, there
should be only ebXML stuff there, and there should be only architecture stuff

The chapter (9) on open-edi should be moved to a separate whitepaper on the
history of ebXML.

There should be no references to object-oriented technologies. That is not 
the focus of ebXML and ebXML should not dictate one type of implementation.

Chapter 8 should be simplified. Fewer steps, and they should align exactly
with the summary of the architecture components, and we should show a picture
of those components. 

In chapter 11 we should remove all reference to methodology and place it in
the ebXML methodology documents. On figure 3, all the 'artifacts' are
methodology artifacts and should not be shown. The discussion of first phase,
analysis phase, design phase should be dropped altogether.

In chapter 12, the section starting "This XML based business information" is
too detailed for this early place in the document. If UID's are overall design
principles, they should be in the separate section, as suggested earlier. 

Then starting on page 15, section that says "Implementers will download"
is the start of a whole long methodology discussion that runs on into chapter
13, 14, 15. I suggest that all of that block, including 13/14/15
belongs in a methodology document, not in an architecture document. 


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Jeff.Suttor@Sun.com      http://sun.com/xml
XML Technology Center    http://web.eng/xml

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