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Subject: Re: Conformance and naming

Message text written by duane

I am for this personaly but the QRT team has vetoed this going in the TA
spec.  YOu may wish to iron this out with them.

I am just the messenger.   




Notice what we have done is very different from the 
1st  draft submitted to them.

Before this you were giving chapter and verse on the Conformance
that had to be done.

I agree that should NOT be in there and we took that out.

Instead - what we have done is generally state there will be 
conformance, and give guiding priniciples behind it.

Given that caveat - and provided we make clear the change,
I believe they will accept that.

Our previous conformance statement was written by 
L'enfant Noir - so hopefully the newer release will be

I'd recommend we put it back in revised and ask them
to comment.  If they still don;t like it then at least we will
know why.

Thanks, DW.

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