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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: Re: latest Version

<Line 801 - show stopper>
We should not call the upper layer "Transport Layer". There are many other
aspects in this layer so I wouldn't use this name.
</Line 801 - show stopper>

Hmmm... Any suggestions on an alternate name???

Quick fix. Don't call it at all? Line shows the boundary.

<Line 964 - show stopper>
Please put back the graphics from the draft version of TR&P section, which
was posted on 10/3/2000. Current ones seem to be corrupted (do not show
</Line 964 - show stopper>

The diagrams were revised to make them more readable in print format.
Furthermore, the comments posted to the list by Chris Ferris

There was another msg after that one, which addresses the same issue:

When I look at the doc, Figure 16 and Figure 17 are not in color and they
don't show all the pieces that were in our draft version. I would still
suggest to put back "draft" diagrams.


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