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Subject: re: ebXML TA: removing Section 9.0, Open-edi

I guarantee that for most readers, as soon as they see the bit on Open-edi, they 
will dismiss the whole thing thinking, "Oh, they're just trying to do edi on the 

I've seen it happen over and over again. Please, let's not draw ebXML into that 

It has nothing to do with people in the group vs. out of it. In fact, for people 
not in the group who don't know intimately what all ebXML is trying to 
accomplish, they will immediately latch onto the edi part, since that is 
familiar to them, and immediately get sidetracked by it.

Better to pull it and, at most, put it in a footnote.



>Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2000 14:36:36 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Jeff Suttor <Jeff.Suttor@eng.sun.com>
>Subject: re: ebXML TA: removing Section 9.0, Open-edi
>To: ebxml-architecture@lists.ebxml.org
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>>From the point of view of BOV and FSV we do need to explain where this
>>comes from.
>>We cannot just launch into this from out of nowhere.
>>BOV and FSV is unknown to most people.   'Wasting' one page on setting the
>>scene is a small price here.
>I think that Sections 10, 11 and 12 cover BOV & FSV adequately.
>>I say we keep it in.  Many, many, many more people than the in-group
>>building this
>>are going to read this document.  We owe it to them to make it flow
>I think prominently covering Open-edi will be more confusing if the reader is 
>an ebXML mind set.  Remember that ebXML is designed to reach the SMEs that EDI 
>wasn't appropriate for.
>Jeff.Suttor@Sun.com      http://sun.com/xml
>XML Technology Center    http://web.eng/xml

Peter Kacandes

Application Planning, Architecture & Strategy	phone number: 	X36529
WWOPS IT/Supply Chain Management		email:	peter.kacandes@ebay

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