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Subject: RE: Conformance and naming

Message text written by Lynne Rosenthal
It is my understanding that many of the specifications as well as many of
developers talk about conforming to ebXML or conforming messages, etc.  It
would be nice if we all had a similar or at least a knowledgeable
of all that is involved when talking about conformance.  We are not trying
dictate what needs to be said in each specification, but rather are
volunteering to lead a discussion of the issues related to conformance -
example:  (1) will extensions be allowed and if so, what impact does this
on implementations that claim to conform; (2) will there be levels or
of conformance and if so, are they hierarchical and does a higher level
conformance to a lower level.  It is up to each ebXML Committee to
what it means to conform to their specification and what should be included
the Conformance Clause. 




We could probably turn this paragraph around and write it in the assertive
tense instead, and then add a section to the Architecture document on this
to get
us started in the right direction of everyone having an action plan.

Thanks, DW.

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