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Subject: Re: Minutes from January 4, 2001 Conference Call

- Nikola believe that this should be addressed by the Steering Committee to
determine within which specification that should be included.

Just a minor comment. I think it's been decided that Capitalization Styles
section should be part of TA spec. What I wanted to say is that I had
expected that Anders will ask other Team Leads (at SC meeting) to provide
comments from their respective groups on what was previously
posted to our listserv.

BTW, I have found the TA version that has a section about this. It is 0.94b
section 5.3 (http://duane.xmlglobal.com/ebxml/ebXML_TA_v0.94b.doc). I didn't
realize that 0.95 doesn't have it.

Anyway, Brian and I will, as agreed in
- Nikola and Brian will work together to formally submit a comment for
inclusion within the TA document


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