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Subject: Plan for disposing of comments

Title: Plan for disposing of comments

TA team -

Sorry I missed the conf call yesterday, as I was stuck in meetings all day. In any event, I read through the minutes and wanted to update the team on how Duane and I would like to proceed with disposing of the public comments and getting the important feedback from the TA team.

Because of the timeframe we're currently working under, it is nearly impossible for us to dispose of the comments during a conf call. That said, I've talked with Duane about getting together next Monday and Tuesday (Jan 29,20) to integrate the comments into the TA spec. We would then like to circulate the revised TA spec to the TA team for a short review before resubmitting to the QR Team. As we work through the comments posted on v1.0, we will keep a detailed log of how we dispose of the comments. I think this is probably the best way to go about dealing with the great comments we've received thus far. So, if anyone within the TA team has any specific comments on any of the comments (is that a meta-comment?) or any other issues, please post them to the list and Duane and I will take your position into consideration as we work through the document. Thanks for your help and insightful email. We're getting close folks! I'm very much looking forward to Vancouver!!!

Best Regards,


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Brian Eisenberg | Standards & Technology Liaison

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      T 425.467.2641 |  F 425.637.1192 | briane@datachannel.com

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