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Subject: Section 5.3 - Design Conventions for ebXML Specifications

Title: Section 5.3 - Design Conventions for ebXML Specifications

All -

Here is the revised section 5.3 that Nikola and I drafted to address the footnote in the Quality Review document posted to their discussion list [1].


An earlier draft of this document contained a section "5.3 Design Conventions for ebXML Specifications".  This is a requirement for this document and appears to have been omitted in the latest version (possibly by error?).  This section (or the subject matter of it) needs to be included in the next version.


Draft section 5.3:

5.3 Design Conventions for ebXML Specifications

In order to enforce a consistent Capitalization and Naming convention across all ebXML specifications "Upper Camel Case" (UCC) and "Lower Camel Case" (LCC) Capitalization styles SHALL be used. UCC style capitalizes the first character of each word and compounds the name. LCC style capitalizes the first character of each word except the first word.

1) ebXML DTD, XMLSchema and XML instance documents SHALL have the effect of producing ebXML XML instance documents such that:

       Element names SHALL be in UCC convention (example: <UpperCamelCaseElement/>).
       Attribute names SHALL be in LCC convention (example: <UpperCamelCaseElement lowerCamelCaseAttribute="Whatever"/>).

2) When UML and Object Constrained Language (OCL) are used to specify ebXML artifacts Capitalization naming SHALL follow the following rules:

       Class, Interface, Association, Package, State, Use Case, Actor names SHALL use UCC convention (examples: ClassificationNode, Versionable, Active, InsertOrder, Buyer).

       Attribute, Operation, Role, Stereotype, Instance, Event, Action names SHALL use LCC convention (examples: name, notifySender, resident, orderArrived).

3) General rules for all names are:
       Acronyms SHOULD be avoided, but in cases where they are used, the capitalization SHALL remain (example: XMLSignature).

       Underscore ( _ ), periods ( . ) and dashes ( - ) MUST NOT be used (don't use: header.manifest, stock_quote_5, commercial-transaction, use HeaderManifest, stockQuote5, CommercialTransaction instead).


[1] http://lists.ebxml.org/archives/ebxml-coord/200101/msg00021.html

Please post any comments on this section to the TA discussion list.


--Brian Eisenberg
--Nikola Stojanovic

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