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Subject: RE: ebXML TA spec v1.0 - LAST CALL for public comments

Joe and other architects,

I think it would be very valuable for the architecture document
to describe a logical runtime software protocol stack for ebXML.
This would be a suggestion or explanation, not necessarily
normative.  However, it could be used to define service levels
for compliance.

The idea would be to (at least) describe how we think such
a protocol stack would look. Many circular arguments have 
happened in ebXML mailing lists and meetings because
of different mental models of such a stack.

Several people have attempted to describe such a stack,
including those on the CC list of this email.  Here below
are Jim and Scott's sketches.  I would add to Jim's
layers, Scotts layers which might be titled
"adapters to internal business applications" and
"internal business applications", not because they
are part of ebXML, but because integration with
internal systems is important and we should show
how it will probably happen and where the boundary
of ebXML lies.  (If you don't know what is outside of
the scope, the scope is essentially undefined.)

<Jim Clark>
1. Collaboration Layer. This layer provides business collaborations and actions that act either on or with accompanying information.
2. Business Transaction Layer. This layer provides transaction monitoring for the management of business interactions and exchanges that perform a unit of work. Either all parties to the transaction commit to the unit of work or they all roll back to a previous state before the transaction was started.
3. Business Service Layer. This layer provides business resources that perform business related functions.
4. Business Agent Layer. This layer provides communication interfaces for user and machine agents.
5. Message Delivery Layer. This layer provides reliable, asynchronous and scaleable information delivery.
6. Network Transfer Layer. This layer provides information transfer between uniquely named network resources.
</Jim Clark>

<Scott Hinkelman>
last week in Boston between
TP and BP, like other times, we roughly discussed the following conceptual

Application (perhaps an existing non-collaborating application)
Application Collaboration Adapter (makes an existing non-collaborating app
Middleware (supports behavior needed to for BP Signals, etc)
MSH (packaging, etc)
Transport (http, etc)
</Scott Hinkelman>

Bob Haugen

P.S. Joe,  I don't know if I can post to the architecture list
or not.  If you don't get two copies of this message, could
you please forward it to that list for me?  Thanks.

-----Original Message-----
From:	Joseph Baran [SMTP:joebaran@extol.com]
Sent:	Friday, January 26, 2001 12:53 PM
To:	'Brian Eisenberg'; ''ebXML-Architecture List ' '
Cc:	'Klaus-Dieter Naujok (E-mail) '; 'Bob Sutor (E-mail) '; 'Karl Best'
Subject:	RE: ebXML TA spec v1.0 - LAST CALL for public comments

The TA spec is central to the entire ebXML effort. It is now out for 
comment by the full ebXML community, yet it is quite possible that many 
participants who are not on the TA list may not be aware of the approaching 
comment deadline.

In the interest of encouraging wider review of (and comment on) this 
important document, it would be useful if the message quoted below could be 
forwarded to the general ebXML list.

Unfortunately, "mere mortals" such as myself cannot do this. (I tried, and 
it bounced).

If it is agreed that this is an appropriate post for the general list, 
could someone authorized to the general list please forward it while there 
is still time before the comment period ends?

-----Original Message-----
From:	Brian Eisenberg [SMTP:BrianE@DataChannel.com]
Sent:	Thursday, January 25, 2001 8:41 PM
To:	Brian Eisenberg; ''ebXML-Architecture List ' '
Cc:	'Klaus-Dieter Naujok (E-mail) '; 'Bob Sutor (E-mail) '
Subject:	ebXML TA spec v1.0 - LAST CALL for public comments

All -

I just wanted to send a reminder out that the public comments period ends 
Monday, January 29. After this deadline passes, Duane and I will dispose of
the comments according to the process outlined in my earlier post [1].
Please distribute this last call accordingly.

[1] http://lists.ebxml.org/archives/ebxml-architecture/200101/msg00035.html 



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