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Subject: Re: Comments on TA doc v1.0

The ebXML TA document does not provide "detailed specifications" on
UID's.  It only gives a high level overview of what the formal
functionality of UID's is,  how they are used as interfaces between
ebXML components, and some possible implementation (both normative and
non normative) of current technology that can accomplish the ebXML
Requirements document (ie - meet the needs of businesses).

It is in the TA specification because the concept of UID's spans
multiple ebXML Project Teams and is not owned by RegRep alone.

It is my opinion that the TA has consolidated the UID issues with the
exception of one critical piece.  Perhaps this is a good time to raise
the question:

Q: What mechanism do we use to locate a Registry Item from its' UID?
A: The best suggestion we have had is from Jon Bosak who pointed Brian
and I at the work done by M. Mealling (URN's and DNS).  



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