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Subject: Re: TA spec 1.0.1

<Anders Grangard>
After reviewing the disposition document of the TA spec 1.0.1, I recommend
that the specification and the disposition of the comments from the second
review period are made available to the ebXML community. I am aware of that
we today received some comments on the disposition document, but if we want
to allow the ebXML members reasonable time to review what they are going to
vote on next week, these should be dealt with in parallel. Any unresolved
issue that remains after this week should be addressed at the steering
committee meeting the 11 Feb.
</Anders Grangard>

I support the same logistics with addition that the TA group should have a
chance to review outstanding issues on Monday, February 12 as per your

Nikola Stojanovic
Lead Technologist, Research and Development
Encoda Systems, Inc.
101 Pineview Terrace
Ithaca, NY 14850 USA
Tel: 607-273-2224

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