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Subject: RE: Your article was great....why not post pointers on EDI-L andXMLEDIgroup?


I totally concur with William's accolades.

Carol....could you include this link in your ebXML in the News list soon to
be uploaded to the ebXML web site?


|-----Original Message-----
|From: William J. Kammerer [mailto:wkammerer@foresightcorp.com]
|Sent: Thursday, August 17, 2000 9:59 PM
|To: Alan Kotok
|Cc: ebXML Awareness
|Subject: Your article was great....why not post pointers on EDI-L and
|Your article "ebXML: Assembling the Rubik's Cube" at
|http://www.xml.com/pub/2000/08/16/ebxml/index.html was great....why not
|post pointers on EDI-L and XMLEDI group?
|I liked your succinct explanations of core components and business
|process choreographies.  You are truly a genius at explaining concepts
|with a minimum of fuss -   I'm glad we have you on the Awareness team!
|And your Rodney King quote - "Can't we all just get along?" - is
|brilliant.  Of course, being oblivious as I am to politics, I
|would have
|missed the Core Components-Business Process brouhaha without
|your story!
|Was it purposeful to omit any mention of RosettaNet's supposed
|to adopt ebXML's messaging framework? Apparently, the RNIF 2.0 will be
|the last implementation framework for RosettaNet, after which they will
|use ebXML TR&P.  Did I hear this right at the EConcert meeting in
|Chicago, and subsequently at ebXML in San Jose?
|Thanks again for your terrific work.
|/S, a fan...
|William J. Kammerer
|4950 Blazer Memorial Pkwy.
|Dublin, OH USA 43017-3305
|+1 614 791-1600
|Visit FORESIGHT Corp. at http://www.foresightcorp.com/
|"Commerce for a New World"

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