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Subject: RE: Progress on press center Web pages; next conference call


Overall both look good.

However, FYI, the official spokespersons for ebXML are Klaus-Dieter Naujok
as ebXML Chair and Bob Sutor as ebXML Vice-Chair.


-----Original Message-----
From: Alan Kotok [mailto:akotok@disa.org]
Sent: Friday, August 25, 2000 6:01 PM
To: ebxml-awareness@lists.ebxml.org
Subject: Progress on press center Web pages; next conference call

TO:  MAE Project Team

I started work on the ebXML's Web site press center pages and would like to
share with you a couple of early samples, just make sure I am on the right
track.  They follow the same basic format as the current pages, but break
up the content into separate pages to provide a little more focus and white
space for ease of reading.  I will add links later, once I get the page
naming conventions.

The line on the press center home page about putting ebXML news on your
site refers to the syndication effort, which will come a little later, once
we get our own news pages up and running.

At the time of the next conference call on Tuesday afternoon, I will be
returning from Denver, taking a circuitous route to avoid O'Hare and United
Airlines.  If I can get to phone at 11 am PT, I will call in.  Best regards.

Alan Kotok
Director, Education and Information Resources
Data Interchange Standards Association
+1 703-518-4174
** DISA's E-Business and Internet Conference, 7-9 March 2001, in San
http://www.disa.org/conference/annual_conf/index.htm **

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