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ebxml-awareness message

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Subject: Re: Re: Urgent - Need review of presentation abstract by COB Monday

> All,
> Thank you for all your feedback, and I have attempted to consolidate it
> into the following proposal for the abstract.  As for the title, I take
> your points about references to Clicks and Mortar, and on reflection,
> agree. There were a number of suggestions that we retain a theme about how
> ebXML enables businesses to talk/speak/communicate with each other, but
> avoid the word language - also I'm wondering if "framework" is now worn
> out, as an eye catcher?  Therefore, I've gone with an old idea!!!!
> Thanks again,
> Simon
I think you've got it nailed down.

The use of "framework" is common but I can't offer a clear alternative.

Rob Syputa

> Removing Babel - using ebXML for Global Business Communication
> The "Electronic Business XML" or ebXML initiative combines the best of the
> new Web technology with previous experience of electronic transactions,
> promises to extend the benefits of business data exchange to companies of
> all sizes anywhere in the world.
> Over the last 25 years most of the world's larger enterprises have
> exchanged electronic transactions with their customers and suppliers in
> volumes that today are measured in billions of dollars. However, only
> organisations with the deepest pockets and large support resources could
> afford the development, software, and networks needed to make it work.
> with the availability of the Internet, organisations worldwide and of all
> sizes are looking to do business electronically with each other, in ways
> which remove dependencies on their trading partners and specific
> vendors.
> The last year has seen an explosion in initiatives to provide the
> infrastructure that enables small, medium and large organisations to
> conduct business electronically using the Internet. Many of the
> share common requirements in core infrastructure and, therefore, to enable
> interoperability amongst these services a common electronic business
> framework is needed. In November 1999, the UN CEFACT and OASIS
> organisations came together to form the ebXML initiative.  The objective
> to ensure the empowerment of small and medium size businesses, through the
> development of an open, platform independent infrastructure for electronic
> business, based on public, proven standards. Participation at ebXML is
> freely open to all and represents the only initiative of its type in the
> industry today. As a result it now has the global backing and
> of large and small vendors, key industry groups from both the EDI and XML
> worlds, and end-users.
> The first phase, with a duration of 18 months, is now nearing completion
> and is defining the framework by which all enterprises, irrespective of
> size, location and implementation will interact and do business. This
> presentation provides an insight into the ongoing work of ebXML and will
> discuss the architecture defining the framework and how the specifications
> for transport, business process, registry and repository and core
> components fit together.

FN:Rob Syputa
NOTE:Puget Sound eCommerce Users Group
ADR;WORK:;;4504 NE 203 Place;Seattle;WA;98155;USA

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