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Subject: Re: Progress on press center Web pages; next conference call


First of all - thanks for taking the time to do this! I have a couple of 
comments I'd to make on your press center mockups. 

I would eliminate the two current "in the news" and "Contacts" links from the 
existing ebXML main page and replace them with a single "ebXML Press Center" 
link that contains your proposed content.

This new page should be really focused on press related content. I suggest we 
replace the "background and white paper" link with a link labeled "Press Kit". 
We can use this as a placeholder for a variety of press backgrounder materials.

For the sake of clarity, could you change the "ebXML presentations at upcoming 
business and technical conferences" to something more compact, like "ebXML 
Speaking Engagements".

Based on the above comments, here's what I would envision the links on this page 
being. You would drill down on any one of them for more details.

Welcome To ebXML Press Center

o Press Releases
o ebXML In The News
o Press Kit
o Public Speaking Engagements
o Put ebXML News On Your Site

o Press Contact(s) & Inquiries

> Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 19:00:50 -0400
> From: Alan Kotok <akotok@disa.org>
> Subject: Progress on press center Web pages; next conference call
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> TO:  MAE Project Team
> I started work on the ebXML's Web site press center pages and would like to 
> share with you a couple of early samples, just make sure I am on the right 
> track.  They follow the same basic format as the current pages, but break 
> up the content into separate pages to provide a little more focus and white 
> space for ease of reading.  I will add links later, once I get the page 
> naming conventions.
> The line on the press center home page about putting ebXML news on your 
> site refers to the syndication effort, which will come a little later, once 
> we get our own news pages up and running.
> At the time of the next conference call on Tuesday afternoon, I will be 
> returning from Denver, taking a circuitous route to avoid O'Hare and United 
> Airlines.  If I can get to phone at 11 am PT, I will call in.  Best regards.
> Alan Kotok
> Director, Education and Information Resources
> Data Interchange Standards Association
> akotok@disa.org
> +1 703-518-4174
> ** DISA's E-Business and Internet Conference, 7-9 March 2001, in San 
> http://www.disa.org/conference/annual_conf/index.htm **

Ed Julson			Sun Microsystems
XML Marketing			901 San Antonio Rd.
XML Technology Center		MS UMPK16-201
				Palo Alto, CA 94303

650-786-9258 (x89258)

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