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Subject: Re: Conference Call Minutes - 8/29/00

I have to meet with a customer at 11:00 today and will not be able to make the 
weekly conference call. Simon is on vacation this week and I don't know if he's 
planning to call in from home or not.

Norbert, would you mind calling me sometime later today to give me a quick 
update on what was discussed on the call?I should be back in the office by 1:00 


> Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2000 14:51:00 -0700
> From: Simon Nicholson <Simon.Nicholson@eng.sun.com>
> Subject: Conference Call Minutes - 8/29/00
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> In attendance:
> Norbert Mikula, Ed Julson, Micheal Weiner, Alex Piner, Carol Guyer, Simon 
> Nicholson
> Apologies: Rachel Foerster, William Kammerer, Alan Kotok
> Web Site: Alan provided the group, by email, with a review of progress 
> prior to the meeting
> TRP Tutorial: Alex is planning to provide Norbert with a draft version, for 
> upload to the private pages of the Mktg group for review, by Saturday 9/2.
> Verticals: Simon reported on the meeting he attended with Alan with 
> representatives from the e-gov initiative.
> Collaterals: Ed reported that good headway is being made on the development 
> of the white papers.  Money and a writer has been identified, and we should 
> anticipate a completion date for this work in the first week of 
> October.  Ed plans to ensure that Klaus is interviewed by the writer 
> .  Mike asked about Rik Drummond's paper, and Carol noted that it is 
> available from Rik's website.
> ACTION - Ed to follow up with Rik.
> Rachel's presentation has been posted to the site in .ppt.
> There was a discussion about making presentations available on the site in 
> both .ppt and .pdf format, and agreed that we should making the .ppt format 
> available.
> Ed also reported that we are now tracking ebXML press activity, and he will 
> provide a feed for the site.
> There was no progress report on the FAQ, as William was not on the call - 
> this should be reviewed on the next call.
> Media Tour: Carol reviewed forthcoming press releases on tpa and the GCI 
> relationship.
> Carol is still waiting for Rill and Ray's schedules to put together the 
> Media Tour, and is hoping to schedule the tour for mid Sept through to end 
> October.
> ACTION:  Carol to follow up with Ron Zoppo (CompTIA) re the forthcoming 
> presentation in Copenhagen
> There followed a general discussion about the handling of speaker requests 
> to ensure we can offer quick turnaround and achieve consistency of message 
> and delivery with global coverage.  It was agreed that we need to identify 
> a pool of speakers drawn from the Project Teams, Marketing Committee and 
> Executive Committee. There was strong support for the suggestion that we 
> encourage participation from representatives of verticals and users working 
> at ebXML.
> ACTION: Simon/Norbert to discuss with Exec Comm.
> ACTION: Carol to follow up with Brent Phillips re the ebXML logo.
> Trade Shows:  Mike reported progress on the fact sheets.
> AOB: Carol suggested that a note be sent out re the forthcoming face to 
> face in Chicago on 13th Sept at Chicago O'Hare.
> ===========================================================================
> Simon Nicholson
> Snr. Market Strategist
> XML Technology Centre
> Sun Microsystems, Inc.
> Tel:    +1 (650) 786 4238
> Fax:    +1 (650) 786 5723
> Email: simonn@eng.sun.com

Ed Julson			Sun Microsystems
XML Marketing			901 San Antonio Rd.
XML Technology Center		MS UMPK16-201
				Palo Alto, CA 94303

650-786-9258 (x89258)

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