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ebxml-awareness message

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Todd, et al:

Many thanks.  Much appreciated.

You have identified a key problem.  The public affairs challenge we face is 
to break through the enertia and skepticism.  The succession of public POCs 
since December has chipped away at some of the skepticism.  But to break 
through the enertia takes something that makes the kids say 'Cool' or us 
boomers say 'Groovy'.  

For what its worth, my suggestion to break through the enertia is to get 
end-users on board with ebXML.  So far those identified with ebXML have been 
mainly vendors, consultants, and standards junkies.  At the DISA conference 
last month, we did an ebXML demo, and had the EDI manager from HarperCollins 
Publishers as one of the demo participants.  The more we can get real 
companies exchanging real messages with ebXML, the more real -- or even 
groovy -- it becomes.

Alan Kotok
Editor, Techno-Politics: 

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