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Subject: update from metamodel meeting

In yesterday's metamodel meeting we resolved the modeling of collaboration
nesting (recursion). Jim will be sending out a new picture reflecting that. We
also, I believe, resolved the modeling of transitioning, including
synchronization bars. We will know when we compare pictures in today's

Today's agenda will include:

1. Sync'ing up on the class diagram.
2. Review of DTD mapping to TP (JJ to update us from meeting with Chris Ferris
this morning) 3. Review of Document (information) model from London - Not
reviewing the whole thing but deciding how much of a placeholder for it to
include in the infrastructure release. 4. Get final agreement on binding
documents to success/failur 5. Go over control parameter attributes and their
placement 6. Review - time permitting - Karsten's edits to spec doc.
7. Final agreement on metamodel architecture section for TA

To access the calls,
dial 888-699-0348 domestically and  +1 732-336-6000 internationally, with a
PIN of 3042#.  

We are still on track for delivering to QR tomorrow, although we will be
burning the midnight oil and then some. Anyone who has issues should get them
on the issues list NOW.


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