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Subject: Metamodel update

At metamodel meeting today we decided that we need an extra week to prepare
the deliverables to QR. Attached is an updated issues list.
Issues 24-30 are the ones logged in today's meeting.
We agreed on 12/31 as our internal, self-imposed deadline, and submit to QR on
1/3/2001. On issues 24/30 I expect the following ownership for resolution:

24	Explicitly model “performs” - Jim to modify his class diagram	
25	Make sure correct security/timing parameters are in requesting/responding
activities - We follow Jim's placement of the parameters, and then adjust from
there, if required. Jim, put parameters explicitly in requesting and
responding, since we no longer have a superclass	 26	Preserve start guard,
success postcondition, failure guard for BT - Jim and Cory both to add to
their pictures, group to compare and comment	 27	Need parameters for
fan-in/fan-out	- Cory to work with JJ and pass by group, primarily Jim 28	Need
document model - Jim to extract from metamodel minimum set, publish as
independent, stand-alone file. Cory to see if it satisfies his need for
recursive documents. 29	Need list of 'objects' and their logical types in
envelope - Hopefully falls out of 28 otherwise we will work this during next

Thanks for all the hard work,
Happy Holidays,


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