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Subject: Re: Code Lists & Misspellings

< belated due to a startup issue with the list server >

Sue's example concerned misspellings having to be preserved along the
way, even if mechanically processable country codes were available.  But
her example is not just limited to misspellings: I write "Antwerp," but
I thought they wrote "Antwerpen." I write "Brussels," they write
"Brussel" or "Bruxelles." Sue knows the business - do people really get
bent out of shape over this? The whole point of the UN/LOCODE was to
avoid just those mix-ups by having all location information transmitted
by a single code.

Shades of EDI!  Now we'll have to send not only the UN/LOCODE, but also
the port spelled out in any number of variants.  The UN/EDIFACT LOC
segment all over again.  So what is it here we're trying to fix?

A comment:

This raises a second issue, different from the original mispelling issue.

What is needed to get the beer to the right spot, in the face of clerks that (quite reasonably) insist that documents match, is to transmit the human entered text of the place name along with the code.  The code, after all, is mainly for software.  The text, on the other hand, is for humans.

So we ought to separate two concerns. 

1.  "avoid ... mix-ups by having ... location information transmitted by a single code."

2.  avoid mix-ups by having critical text transmitted


(Do we agree:
--None of Antwerp, Antwerpen, Brussels, Brussel, or Bruxelles are misspellings.
--Clerks will compare documents and may (in fact, are paid to) balk when there are differences between the documents.
The particular problem originally raised is not about a clerk refusing to process documents because the spelling in one document is not the spelling of the clerk's native language.  It is about the text on  one document not matching the text on another document.


Another benefit of transmitting text: redundancy, and the possibility for a human to detect and even correct a coding error.  No extra charge.



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