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Subject: 08 Jan. Conference Call reminder and Spec. Schema URL

Business Process and Core Components Project Teams

As a reminder, the joint call of the BP and CC Project Teams is scheduled to
take place today,  08 Jan. at 12:00 p.m. US EST.  To access the call, dial
888-699-0348 domestically and  +1 732-336-6000 internationally, with  a PIN of
3042#.  This call will deal with project planning and deliverables, with a
discussion on deliverables to be targeted for approval at the fianl ebXML
meeting in May.   Brian Hayes and James Whittle have graciously provided a
status update capability for deliverables.  That will be part of the discussion.
Also, I'm pleased to announce the submission of the BP Specification Schema to
the Quality Review Team on 05 Jan.  The URL for this document is:

Best regards,

Paul Levine
BP PT Co-lead

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