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Subject: Tech prob? - 08 Jan. Conference Call reminder

Paul, the Telecordia 888 number seems not to be working, at least from
California.  I get an infinite loop of "operator will be with you shortly." 

I *did* get thru to a Telecordia operator on the *int'l* line -- 732 336
6000 -- at 1210 EST, but she said no-one else is on.  Maybe others are
having the same problem.  I'm on hold with her now and suggested that she
contact you.  

If a call is originated elsewhere, I am offsite at 626 237 0754 today.
Jamie Clark.

At 07:01 AM 1/8/2001 , Paul R. Levine wrote:
>* * *  As a reminder, the joint call of the BP and CC Project Teams is
>to take place today,  08 Jan. at 12:00 p.m. US EST.  To access the call, dial
>888-699-0348 domestically and  +1 732-336-6000 internationally, with a PIN of
>3042#.   * * *

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