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Subject: RE: BP modeling - followup to Apr 11 Analysis conf call

> 1. The overall idea of the BPSS is to produce the XML DTD 
> that all ebXML
> Business process will have to conforme to. 

Sorry Antoine, I know you discuss it further in your email but to be
precise, ebXML business processes 'SHALL' conform to the TMWG UMM as stated
in the Technical Architecture. The discussion of alignment of BPSS to UMM is
perhaps another activity underway as part of the efforts of all to develope
ebXML "version 1.0" for May release in Vienna.

Also it is very encouraging to read that tool makers with the vision such as
MEGA are already addressing these BP needs, and it's encouraging to hear you
were able to implement BPSS as is. Additionally, your experience and
guidance in the real world operating considerations with respect to UML is
refreshing and valuable to hear. I don't think I've seen enough attention to
that yet, with all the great work everyone is putting in right now, but I'm
confident due attention will come about as people like yourself start really
deploying the tools, products and services for the ebXML community; and
we'll find out where corners were inadvertantly cut by mistake !!

All the best
Dave Welsh


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