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Subject: issue 57 on security parameters

for your write-up for Tuesday, here is Chris Ferris's recommendation.

1. For the three security parameters (isConfidential, isTamperProof,
isAuthenticated) that reside on DocumentFlow and on Attachment, change the
datatype from boolean to 'docSecurity', i.e. either "No", "persistent", or
"transient". 2. Replace attribute isSecureTransportRequired on
BusinessTransaction with the same triplet of attibutes in 1. above. 

Note, if we do this, we should also change UMM accordingly.

Writing this, I am actually wondering about the value of being able to specify
security at the transaction level if you have it at documentFlow level.
Instead, it would seem a good idea to be able to override this at
BusinessTransactionActivity level. I won't push this, just a thought, I will
bow to the experts. It just is an example of where parameterized overrides
would be a very useful generic feature.


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