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Subject: Re: issue 57 on security parameters


Are the 3 values technical values (for the benefit of the under lying technology)
or business values (facilitates the business semantics).
I suspect the former may be true. What is the meaning of the values in and of
themselves. Confidential, tamperproof, and authenticated  are concepts taken from
the UN/ECE and ABA standards and are boolean in definition (Yes,No). At the BTV
level, the semantics are still business semantics. I think we need some clarity on
the meaning of the values.


Karsten Riemer wrote:

> Jamie,
> for your write-up for Tuesday, here is Chris Ferris's recommendation.
> 1. For the three security parameters (isConfidential, isTamperProof,
> isAuthenticated) that reside on DocumentFlow and on Attachment, change the
> datatype from boolean to 'docSecurity', i.e. either "No", "persistent", or
> "transient". 2. Replace attribute isSecureTransportRequired on
> BusinessTransaction with the same triplet of attibutes in 1. above.
> Note, if we do this, we should also change UMM accordingly.
> Writing this, I am actually wondering about the value of being able to specify
> security at the transaction level if you have it at documentFlow level.
> Instead, it would seem a good idea to be able to override this at
> BusinessTransactionActivity level. I won't push this, just a thought, I will
> bow to the experts. It just is an example of where parameterized overrides
> would be a very useful generic feature.
> -karsten
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