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Subject: RE: Signal alignment

As discussed on this mornings call:

Issues that Jamie and John will try to resolve today.  Please send your
preference if you have one:

1) Reference TRP as meeting technical requirements for state alignment.  The
TRP implementations of acknowledgement and exception are necessary and
sufficient to tie together the unique identifiers of the business messages
being acknowledged or excepted.  The TRP implementation also provides a
mechanism to transport digests that meet the requirements for technical
non-repudiation of receipt.

2) Choose between:
	a) Normative requirement of signal content in the payload, as described in
the BPSS
	b) Non-normative optional signal content in the payload, as described in
the BPSS or agreed between partners

3) Choose between:
	a) Show signals as in current version of BPSS
	b) Replace acknowledgement signals with RNIF 1.1 versions

4) Do we discuss that partners that decide not to use TRP can meet the
business objectives of non-repudiation through use of the BPSS signal
content?  (note that there is a big problem with this:  We don't place a
requirement for digest in the original content for non-repudiation of origin
and content, and have not addressed placing this requirement on Core
Components -> we have NOT done sufficient analysis nor specification for
implementations that don't use TRP to be legal e-business)

Jamie and I will send out a post with our recommendations by 1:00 Pacific


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