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Subject: ebXML-CP Teleconference 13 Sept 2000 - Notes

ebXML-Core Process Team
Teleconference 13 Sept 2000

First, thanks to Anne Hendry for capturing the updates to the Core Process
Team Roadmap.  My laptop crashed with my notes last week.  I appologize if I
have left anything out.

+ Review Team Charter (from ebXML Conferece, San Jose)
+ Review Roadmap
+ Next Steps

Team Charter
[Brian will post the team charter to our web site.  URL to be announced

Core Process Team Roadmap

Week of Sep 04
        Get CC Indutry Domain Team leaders' names and emails from Lisa
        Plan teleconference schedule
        Create roadmap for deliverables
Week of Sep 11
        + team roster
        + instructions for subscribing to email list
        + teleconference schedule
        + team mission
        + roster
        + references (RosettaNet, TMWG090, etc.)
	Create team web pages
Week of Sep 18
        Post team web pages
        Second teleconference
        + Assign mentors to work with CC Industry Domain Teams
        + Assign team to create Business Process Specification template
        + Assign team to create initial list of core processes and
        + Preliminary release of Business Process Methodology Guidelines
(Brian Hayes)
Week of Sep 25
        Review initial list of core processes and descriptions
        Review Business Process Specification template
Week of Oct 02
        Create BPSpec for Order Management and fulfillment
Week of Oct 09
        Review BPSpec for Order Management
        Create new BPSpec (for next process)
Week of Oct 16
        Distribute BPSpec for Order Management
        Continue creating Core Process specs
Week of Oct 23
        Distribute next BP spec
        Plan for Tokyo and beyond
Week of Oct 30
        Review Business Process Methodology Guidelines
Week of Nov 06 - ebXML, Tokyo

Next Steps
+ Next teleconfernce 20 September, same time.
+ All: become familiar with the UN/CEFACT UMM (TMWG N090)
+ Brian Hayes: Create preliminary release of Business Process Methodology


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