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Subject: Resource: Unified Modeling Methodology (UMM) (TMWG N090 R8c)

UN/CEFACT Modelling Methodology
DRAFT. CEFACT/TMWG/N090R8b. July 2000


"This document describes the UN/CEFACT Modelling methodology (UMM) that
should be adopted by UN/CEFACT to model Business Processes and support the
development of existing and "Next Generation" EDI for electronic business.
It is based on customising the Unified Process methodology developed by the
Rational Corporation so as to meet UN/CEFACT needs for modelling business

Note: The document/file name is N090R8c and the cover page states N090R8b.

Brian Hayes
XML Cross Product Architect
Document Engineering, Commerce One, 925-520-4498
XML Business Process Methodology: http://insite/engineering/doceng/xbpm.html

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