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Subject: Catalog of Core Processes

Here is the  draft of the list of core processes with cross reference across
some industry standards - Rosettanet PIPs, X12, EDIFACT, JiPDEC/CII(Center
for information of Industry of JAPAN Information Processing Development
Center), BOD. Identification of the core processes were influenced by
various industry initiatives like ROSETTANET , EIDX, CPFR , EIAJ, OAG etc.
More will be included. Quite a challenge !! 
Some of the action items are:
		1. Identify classification
		2. Scheme for Core process Identifier
		3. Identify Business Actions and Business documents for each
core process
		4. Identify other core processes 
		5. Any other standards to include for cross referencing

I look forward to your constructive feedback at the teleconference or via
e-mail to the mailing list. This document is on the agenda for the
Wednesday, 4 October, teleconference.


- Nita



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