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Subject: Re: The updated "Catalog of Core Process" document

Hi Nita,

I have wanted to particiate actively in this work, but have been unable
since an early conference call due to illness.

You have proceeded as outlined during that conference call, listing
documents.  It looks like it is becoming a pretty lengthy list.  

The way I see it, the next step is to start to populate this with the
details, as outlined in the meta model, which constitute a process
specification.  My suspicion is that some things specified in the meta
model, such as 'industry', are not 'specific' --- the core processes
will typically be industry neutral.  In other words, the core process
definition would equally apply to any industry, and that needs to be
stated.  Other's, such as ROLES, do have core definitions for the core
processes.  Therefore, the next logical step is to incorporate the
details specified in the meta model, and determine which require core
definitions.  Is that your planned next step?


Sharma, Nita wrote:
> I have updated this document based on the feedback from Brian and others on
> this team. I have also included the "Core Process Description" section and
> added a few process decriptions. Any feedback will be much appreciated.
> Brian please post it to the web. Once done I will publish it to the entire
> ebXML group. I am going to send the link to NTT Japan as well for their
> review and feedback.
> thanks
> - Nita
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                                Name: COREPROCESS_ebxml.doc
>    COREPROCESS_ebxml.doc       Type: WINWORD File (application/msword)
>                            Encoding: BASE64

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