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Subject: tweaks for Mon conf call

Generic forms of the drop ship scenario are used in several different documents.  These comments are 
intended to tweak them so that they all align, without changing any significant substance, and 
provide some explanatory text that bridges the relates concepts.    I think we will look considerably 
more organized if all these parallel examples line up.

Comments to Catalog Section 8

1.  Add the following after the first sentence in the opening paragraph (i.e., after the phrase 
"cataloging business processes":

Each business process [should represent/represents] a logically complete economic action or 
commitment.  Some are atomistic binary relationships that would be used as a Business Transaction 
wihtin a Binary Collaborarion;  some may encompass several transactions, and therefore would be 
used within ebXML as a higher-level nested Collaboration. 

2.   Change the first sentence in Section 8.2 ("transactional view", the drop ship table excerpt ) to read 
as follows:

This table depicts the use of common business proecsses identified in the catalog, as business 
processes, binary collaborations and business transactions within a specific hypothetical business 
process.   That process is certain simple economic relationships between a dot.com retailer (partner 
type "Retailer") and a drop ship vendor (partner type "DSVendor"), in the hypothetical Business 
Area "Direct to Customer Retail", described in the exemplary use case used in the worksheets 
Sections 7 and 8 of the Business Process Analysis & Worksheets .  The table below contains the 
essential metamodel element values for the business processes listed.  

3.  In the top cell in the table in Section 8.4, insert the caption:  "Summary of Rules and 

4.   Update the bullet points in the top cell in Section 8.4 to match those in version 8 of the drop ship 
table circulated Sunday afternoon 3/19.

5.   In the chart , make footnote 3 into footnote 1.

6.    In the chart, fix the hyphen in the second column's caption.

7.   In the chart, right-justify the phrase "[Notification]" in the third column, ASN row.

Comments to Worksheets and Guidelines

1.   In Section 7.4.1., add at the end of the text preceding the table  "The underlined example values 
provided in the right column of these charts are taken from thehypothetical business process 
described in Section 8.4 of the Catalog of Common Business Processes."

2.  In the table in 7.4.1, change "DOCTOM RETAIL MODEL" to "DOTCOM DROP SHIP RETAIL 

3.  In the same table, delete "delivery" from the Business Area cell.

4.   In the same table, change "customer/vendor" to "retailer/vendor" in the Business Justification 

5.   In the table in 7.4.2, change the lists in the Boundary of the Business Area cell and the 
Stakeholders cell to "Customer, Reailer, DSVendor, Carrier, Credit Authority".

6.   In the tables in 7.4.3 and 8.2, change "Dotcom" to "Retailer" throughout.  

Best regards  Jamie

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