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Subject: ebXML Analysis - Conference Report - Document Status

ebXML Analysis - Conference Report

Subject: Document Status
Time: 8:00 PST

Attendees: Larissa, Paul, Marcia, Nita, Charlie, Jamie, Bill, Randy, Jim

+ Discuss the documents and the submitted comments and plans

Marcia provided an overview of the documents.

Analysis Overveiew
   Include Randy's comments and Brian's notes on registration process.  BSI
definition needs to be clarified.  Need to update diagrams in section 10.
Rest of comments are editorial.  Remove blank entries from Glossary except
for Domain Component.  Delete Core Component entry and Business Transaction.
   Nita has sent Dave's text on RDF from the Catalog document.
   Larissa and Paul discussed BOV/FSV issues with opening paragraph in
section 6.3 (ebXML Design Time and Runtime Reference Model). Remove FSV from
the text.  E.g. Open with the "The design time and runtime components of the
ebXML Architecture are illustrated in Figure 6.3-1."
==> RDF - Randy to write a paragraph on recommendation on RDF.  Jim will be
available to help and to review.
==> Brian to send definition of Domain Components
==> Check for the use of message in the document and if it is not in aligned
with the UMM, consider replacing it with signal.
    Marcia to make all changes.

    Need to make sure that message is replaced with signal.  Also see
Jamie's comments.
    Persistence -- Dave felt that there should be some discussion in
Worksheets document.  Jamie prefers not to. We agree that to put in Analysis
==> Anlaysis Overview to have discussion about persistence.
Charlie will make as many changes as possible on his plane flight and then
send (around 4:30 PST) to Marcia for final editing.  Please send any final
comments to Charlie prior to 10:30 AM PST today.

==> Brian to send document with TOC changes and page numbering sequencing
and paragraph styles and diagram then send document to Marcia.
    Marcia will fold in comments.  Then send to Nita for final review.
After that, Nita to send back to Marcia.
    Significant comments:
    + RDF text in section (7.5). Add "or XMI" or removed RDF reference if we
have decided not to include RDF in our documents.

   Make word change per Bob Haugen's comment.
   General discussion about the process for identifying patterns can be
addressed after QR -- this can be discussed in either the Pattern's document
or even the Analysis Overview.

Brian Hayes
Commerce One. +1 (925) 520-4498

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