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Subject: RE: drop ship v 8 for discussion


These are critical ideas.  They are the same as the issues
around recognition of economic events, that is, the "trigger point"
is when the economic event officially can be recognized.

It is also clear that the business process must declare the
trigger points - they can't be determined unambiguously from
document type or content, they're part of the agreed-upon rules
of collaboration.

<David Welsh>
 'trigger points' that occur within the business processes at the
transaction level. For example :
1. in Order Fulfillment, in the drop ship scenario, the point of sale occurs
when the DSVendor sends back the PO Ack to the Retailer; and not earlier.
This may be more of a general business condition on the whole (round trip)
transaction itself.
2. in Ship Goods, again in the scenario, the "Shipper.Shipment Instruction"
needs to be made well in advance of actual transport of export of goods
(well it's supposed to be but the carrier's sales guy might tell you
something else if your a big shipper). 
3. in Order Fulfillment, with "Shipper.Notify of Advanced shipment", to
really get compatible transactions between the 2 parties, it must be clear
as to which point in the shipper's process the 'signal' is 'triggered' to
inform the Retailer of product shipment. ie. after the product has been
picked/packed and shipped which is desirable, or only after the pick list
has been printed which can lead to inventory discrepancies and other
problems for this business model.
</David Welsh>

-Bob Haugen

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