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Subject: Re: Formal Submission to the Quality Review Team


An update on the BP Specification Schema.  Agreement was just reached on
all of the pieces to complete the document today, 20 March.  Karsten Riemer
will forward the document directly to you as a Word file, and I will send
it to you in pdf tomorrow.

The BP Project Team takes issue with your assumption that the four
documents Marcia McLure forwarded to you on 19 March are based on the BP
Specification Schema. When these documents were reviewed with the QRT in
Vancouver, our understanding was that they were given the status of
supporting documentation because they were not critical to the ebXML
infrastructure, and that BP already had already introduced a technical
specification.  However, they are vitally important in the development of
the ebXML payload.  In fact, equally  important in my view to the CC
specifications.  In particular, the Business Process and Business
Information Analysis Overview was developed post-Vancouver in response to
the missing "bridge" between the BP and CC documents that we agreed would
be necessary to complete the picture. (In that vein, I would propose that
it should be reviewed before other BP and CC documents.)  In our opinion,
quality review can begin on these documents without suffering from loss of
context in the current absence of the BP Specification Schema.  They stand
on their own.

With all of the documents pouring in I'm sure you are already in overload.
If it brings any relief, your review process should not be constrained by a
dependency on the Specification Schema.

We appreciate your diligence and the value you add to all of our work;

Paul Levine
BP Co-lead

Tim McGrath <tmcgrath@tedis.com.au> on 03/20/2001 02:58:26 AM

Please respond to tmcgrath@tedis.com.au

To:   "Marcia L. McLure Ph.D." <marcia.mclure@mmiec.com>
cc:   "ebxml-ccbp-analysis (E-mail)" <ebxml-ccbp-analysis@lists.ebxml.org>,
      ebxml-bp@lists.ebxml.org, ebxml-stc@lists.ebxml.org (bcc: Paul R.
Subject:  Re: Formal Submission to the Quality Review Team

The QR Team acknowledge receipt of this document and now have received the

Business Process and Business Information Analysis Overview
Business Process Analysis Worksheets & Guidelines
E-Commerce and Simple Negotiation Patterns
Catalog of Common Business Processes

However, we are still awaiting the BP Specification Schema.  This is only
technical specification of
your project team and the only one that will require a plenary vote in

My understanding is that the reference documents, white papers and
discussion papers listed above are
based on the BP Specification Schema.  therefore, without this document we
shall not be able to
effectively review the related material.  I assume that this outstanding
(in both senses of the word)
document is imminent.

Therefore, can i propose the QR Team get back to you with our completion
date for reviewing these
submissions when we have received the formal copy of the BP Specification

"Marcia L. McLure Ph.D." wrote:

> Tim,
> Please find attached the pdf document entitled: Catalog of Common
> Processes for formal submission to the Quality Review Team. This is the
> final (4th of 4) reference document submission from the Business  Process
> Project Team.
> Thank you Tim.
> Best regards and good night,
> Marcia
> Marcia McLure
> BP PT Co-Lead
> Marcia L. McLure Ph.D.
> McLure-Moynihan, Inc.(MMI)
> 28720 Canwood Street Suite 208
> Agoura Hills, CA 91301
> 818-706-3882
> marcia.mclure@mmiec.com
>                                                   Name:
>    CatalogCommonBusinessProcesses-WIP-0.91.pdf    Type: Portable Document
Format (application/pdf)
>                                               Encoding: base64

tim mcgrath
TEDIS   fremantle  western australia 6160
phone: +618 93352228  fax: +618 93352142

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