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Subject: RE: Glossary update

Sorry I didn't get time before my holiday (starting tomorrow) to go through
the glossary as I had hoped.
But I would like to comment on the question of what is typically held in the
repository, relative to schemas. I believe the intention is that whole
schemas and schema fragments will typically be held, but not down to the
data element level (e.g. a quantity). I looked to the description of
Repository Object in the glossary to see if it would help but the
"Repository Object (TA)
A generic description of ANY object, whether it be a process or an actual
Data Element, that is stored in a Repository.  Repository Objects can be
atomic or complex structures of atomic data elements."
didn't help. Can we expand it to state what we typically expect to find

Clive Darling
Business Development, TIE Holding NV
Tel:  31-23 568 9999   Fax: 31-23 568 9998

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Subject: Glossary update

here is my first pass on this. mainly i took the Req. Document and some
core component and TP&R notes to extend those of toufic.  some are just
and need definitions

i think this glossary already identifies some overlaps and opportunities
for synchronising terms across documents and will be a useful aid in
creating the big picture of ebXML.

NB i tried to use word-edit tracking but it got very messy when i resorted
alpabetically - so i decided to apply the changes anyway.  sorry it makes
it harder to see the differences :-(

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