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Subject: [Fwd: FROM BOB GLUSHKO i'm still having problems posting the bootcampplan]

Tim, Nagwa- 
   even though I know what the problem is, which is that
"bob.glushko@commerceone.com" is the legal poster to the coord list server,
I can't seem to override that as the default in my mailer -- I thought I was
submitting as "glushko" and it stills gets bounced.  While I try to figure
this out, could one of you please submit this to our list.  Thanks bob

Plan for ebXML Technical Coordination
Monday, August 7, 9 am-12 noon

EBXML Technical Coordination believes that an integrated and topical
perspective rather than a project-centric one is the appropriate focus for a
technical orientation. We aren't proposing separate talks from each project
as we've had in previous meetings because that approach obscures the vision
of how it all is supposed to fit together, and puts undue focus on the
organization (and personalities) of the working groups.  We feel it would be
better to focus on the emerging results rather than on where they were being
worked on, since so many of the big issues cut across the groups. The order
of the talks is designed to present an evolving picture of how the various
specifications in ebXML fit together.

Most, though not all, of the speakers have been confirmed.

Speakers and Topics

Introduction to ebXML - its rationale in the industry and standards context
- (Arofan Gregory -- CONFIRMED)

EbXML scenarios - specific problems and use cases ebXML is addressing (Duane
Nicoll -- CONFIRMED)

Business process modeling and meta-modeling (Karsten Reimer -- CONFIRMED)

The role of context in business process and core components (Brian Hayes --

Core components - methodology and results (Sue Probert -- CONFIRMED)

Core component vertical validation projects (Lisa Shreve - CONFIRMED; Mary
Kay Blantz - CONFIRMED)

Registry and repository (Scott Nieman - INVITED)

Transport, routing, packaging (David Burdett - CONFIRMED)

Demo (Duane Nicoll - CONFIRMED & Nick Kassem - INVITED)

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