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Subject: Re: revised web page

Hi Tim,
I am back, but I can't open the html doc. can you please send it again


Tim McGrath wrote:

once again the list server is not accepting emails - so i will send
these separately.

i have updated our web page (see attached)

please comment as you see fit and when nagwa returns we shall get it
copied onto the server

NB the graphics require a different path and so will not appear in the
page.  they are attached seperately - just use your imagination.

tim mcgrath
TEDIS   fremantle  western australia 6160
phone: +618 93352228  fax: +618 93352142


Quality Review Team

Project Team Lead: Dick Raman - TIE
Vice-Lead: Bob Glushko - Commerce One
Editor: Tim McGrath - TEDIS


Our purpose is to review ebXML deliverables for quality and consistency. Deliverables include:

  • Technical Specifications
  • Public documents with technical content
  • Public presentations (inc. the Quarterly Technical Orientation presentations)
  • Technical content on the ebXMrL website
This involves ongoing monitoring of work groups. Each Team Member has specific groups that they monitor. These are..
  • Nagwa Abdelghfour - Sun (RegRep and TA)
  • Joseph Baran - Extol (TRP and PoC)
  • Tony Blazej- OAGI (PoC and TPA)
  • Clive Darling - TIE (TRP)
  • Maryann Hondo - IBM (tbd)
  • Bob Glushko CommerceOne (CC and BP)
  • Tim McGrath TEDIS (CC and BP)
The QR Team report to the ebXML Executive, as follows...

To submit a deliverable for review it must be sent to the Steering Committee list server with a subject line containing the phrase "For Review". The QR Team aim to comment to the authors and the executive on these documents within 5 working days.

Our process for review of ebXML Technical Specifications is as follows...

Click here to view the minutes of Conference Calls held

Various Project Teams' one page summaries available for viewing. 

Joining this project team and mailing list

Sign up for this project team and mailing list from the Join us! page. You can use this form even if you have already registered to participate in ebXML. Archives for all project team mailing lists are available at http://www.ebxml.org/mail-archives

Please address questions or comments regarding this site to webmaster@ebxml.org

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