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Subject: Summary of Steering Committee meeting 20th Sept.

On behalf of our team i sat in on the Steering Committee teleconference at 08:00 PDT 20th Sept.

The meeting identified a few possible work items for our team next week. (the Glossary and a 'white paper' - see below)

The agenda was:

1.     PoC - GCI participation (Rik)
to be taken offline  with TRP,PoC, GCI and  Klaus
2.     Revised Specification Approval Process (Mike)
Mike reported that if the 2 QR cycles PLUS a period for the Executive to consider the QR findings were added it would push the minimum document approval process beyond 12 weeks (ie between plenaries).  Klaus commented that the target was never the make the process fit the plenary cycle, but to have the quality controls.
3.     Status Update on Draft Specifications (all PTL)
BP - will probably not have a document before Tokyo and hope to send to QR immediately after Tokyo.
RegRep - Part 1 (domains) to go for 2nd review cycle before Tokyo.  Other documents  are being restructured and re-named to be specification of each RegRep service.
CoreComp - will have a Methodology and Core Component documents for QR in week prior to Tokyo.
TA - Glossary next week for QR. A copy of the QR team Summary of TA Spec document to be sent to Steering Committee.
TRP - now looking at Security and Reliable Message specifications.  Rik commented on the value of our input :-}
TP - are currently working of defining what the Requirements of the Team are.
4.     Tokyo Meeting Update/Issues
No issues
5.     Other Business
Note: In regard to the UDDI and CBO issues the Executive has them 
scheduled for their conference call on Thursday.  Unless there is 
additional information (to the messages exchanged) the topics are
deferred until after the Executive conference call.
Klaus made the comment there was no one specific action item on UDDI - their discussion is based on the emails that have been flowing and feedback from the UN/EDIFACT meeting in Taiwan last week.

MAE Team noted that they are developing a 'white paper' which they want to fast-track through QR next Monday.  this forms part of a Press Kit to be relased on OCt 2nd.
PM Team appear to be planning a start at Tokyo - this was not the understanding of the other Teams and will be clarified with the PM team.

tim mcgrath
TEDIS   fremantle  western australia 6160
phone: +618 93352228  fax: +618 93352142

tel;cell:+61 (0)438352228
fn:tim mcgrath

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