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Subject: Technical Architecture v 0.94a

From the Editors:

Here is the ebXML Technical Architecture Specification v 0.94a.

I apologize for posting it to my personal server but we needed to get it
out by the end of business today.  The URL is:


PDF versions and the Change log and log of comment disposition will be
available shortly.

This is the latest work which incorporates all the comments from Japan
and the QA Team.  The Editors are very confident that this should be
granted a green light from the TA and QRT Team for a second comment
period (see schedule below).

A Change log will be available early next week.


PLEASE review this document.  Keep in mind that small fixes and minor
suggestions should be delayed until the official comment period.

If there is a show stopper item, please note it but also keep in mind
that these can be fixed during the comment period.  We need to keep this
process on schedule (see below)

Read the document and vote either "Yes" or "No" on whether it should be
sent to the planary for the second review period.

More details on how to vote will be sent out shortly.

The milestones until Vancouver would be;
15 Dec - Submission to the TechArch and the QR teams
22 Dec - Submission for the 2nd review cycle
12 Jan - End of 2nd review cycle
19 Jan - Submission of the final version to the TechArch and the QR
26 Jan - Submission of the final version to the ebXML community
9 Feb - Vote by the ebXML plenary

Duane Nickull
(on behalf of)
The Editors of the Technical Architecture PT

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