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Subject: Re: The use of ebXML Message Services for ebXML Registry

David RR Webber wrote:
> Message text written by duane
> >
> Yesd - this was resolved.  It is not required to use ebXML trp for
> Registry communications
> Duane
> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
> Duane, this is not a clear answer!  Joel's choice of mandatory
> and exclusive is better.

The TA Spec is in line with this but does not mandate the mechanism.  We
have left that responsibility with RegRep for defining that.

I believe that RegRep and TRP have both concluded that the Registry
Functionality is agnostic to the transport layer.  

I am sure it will all be defined very shortly ;-)


> Clearly it is mandated that TRP be an option that is supported.
> Other means may be used as well.  Is that what TA is telling us
> now?
> Thanks, DW.

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