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Subject: Re: The use of ebXML Message Services for ebXML Registry

I have just read all the recent threads and do not see the current
wording as a problem.  Please let me clarify a few thoughts:

1/ ebXML TRP is not a requirement for Registry functionality.  It is the
payload that delivers the instructions, not the messaging.  The Registry
does not care what is used to deliver the payload.

2/ Taking into account #1, it would be advantageous to know that any
ebXML Registry uses a consistent messaging layer to accept and send
messages.  Therefore,  the ebXML TRP SHOULD be used.

3/ #2 is not exclusive.  There are no reasons why pure SOAP, XML RPC or
others could not be added on top of basic ebXML TRP functionality. 
There is also a UDDI mapping discussion going on right now.

4/ No one has defined the mechanism for resolving UID's to a specific
item in a specific registry.  Until that problem has been addressed, 
how do we know that ebXML TRP is sufficient to handle ALL registry
communications?  I have outlined this problem to QRT.

Duane Nickull

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