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Subject: RE: Syntax Free Models

Hey Martin! Seems you are busy as usual. At the moment we are collecting
different types of possible header fields from all over the place to see
what the needs are. header fields form buztalk,mq series, x.435, etc.....
once we have those we will figure out what is missing and what to do
next.... rik

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Sent: Friday, February 11, 2000 8:25 AM
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Subject: Re: Syntax Free Models


> It looks to me that your paper addresses many of the areas that TP&R group
> is responsible for. I would suggest that reading their docs might help (in
> case you'd like to be in sync with what they produce?). Also, you might
> with some valuable comments while comparing the two.

Not having been able to make the Orlando meeting, and having been tied up
this week in 3 days of CEN/ISSS meetings, I am not yet up-to-date in what
has been happening in groups other than Core Components. I decided to rush
out a first draft of the paper quickly because it seemed our discussions in
Brussels addressed some of the issues being raised on the Core Components
list. If it is relevant to any other groups then by all means I am happy to
discuss it with them, but at present I am not up to date with the scope of
the work of the transport group.

The intention is that we want to align our work with ebXML, especially as we
have many of the same problems of how to describe semantics is a generalized
way that is applicable to all applications. We do not intend to go into
detail (i.e. naming specific information units), only to the stage of
defining requirements (e.g. multilingual definitions, multiple naming of
same concept, need to be able to use same information units in response to
different questions without having to rename them, etc) and suggesting how
these could form an overall, queryable, semantic architecture.


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