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Subject: Still Confused - Syntax Neutal Model/Process


	I have read your paper and, as always, there are some interesting
and thought provoking concepts.  I am having a problem putting the
concepts together.  Note:  I have created YAA (yet another acronym) for
syntax neutral model (SNM)

	For example - you show the following.

<SNM> Order = MessageId, (Sender|SenderRef), (Recipient|RecipientRef),
      DeliverTo, Item+</SNM>

I don't see any difference really in the above than:


<!ELEMENT Order (MessageId, (Sender|SenderRef), (Recipient|RecipientRef),
                 DeliverTo, Item+)>


The syntax is slightly different but it is essentially the same as
a DTD unless I am not reading enough into the <SNM> example.  

I am also unclear how the properties get attached to the model, i.e.,
Location [Of="Sender"].

>From my understanding of your paper, I believe you are advocating having
the business processes outside the XML data. If I am reading your paper
correctly, I wholeheartedly believe.

Some of the messages I have read, I get the feeling that some in the group
are thinking that the processing information will be embedded within the
XML.  After, seeing first-hand the complexity and even more important, the
cost associated with of embedded processing within the data with IETM's I
would strongly suggest that we have processing external to the data.  I
would be very skeptical of embedding processes internal to the XML.


Betty Harvey                         | Phone: 301-540-8251 FAX: 4268
Electronic Commerce Connection, Inc. | 
13017 Wisteria Drive, P.O. Box 333   | 
Germantown, Md.  20874               |
harvey@eccnet.com                    | Washington,DC SGML/XML Users Grp
URL:  http://www.eccnet.com          | http://www.eccnet.com/xmlug/

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